Information for the authors

In this scientific Journal we publish academic, scientific, casuistic and methodical articles which have not been published before.  After acceptance of their contributions, authors will be required to assign copyright to the publisher, which is necessary as the journal is published online with full open access KSSE. Our journal has been an annual since 2022.

  1. Article submission

Please submit the article to the following e-mail address: Article submission is tantamount to entering into agreement with the publisher of  KSSE (KSSE). The submission is confirmed by the Editors within several days

  1. The preliminary evaluation and the review process

The submitted paper is examined by the Editorial Board and the author/authors is/are informed about the results (within 30 days from the date of submission of the manuscript); the article after the initial assessment is sent to the reviewers (the reviewer provides a ready manuscript evaluation within 30 days; review card for download) without any information concerning the author/authors (the personal information concerning the author/authors is encrypted as well as the reviewers – double-blind review process); in case of one negative review (one out of two reviews) the Editorial Board appoint the third reviewer and on that basis decide whether the article may be accepted and published; the author after receiving the information about the reviews and the remarks made by the reviewers is obliged to correct/improve the elaboration within 14 days according to the reviewers’ suggestions; in case of two negative reviews the article is rejected; the Editorial Board follow and respect scrupulously the rules of  ghostwriting and guest authorship.We provide guidelines for ethical publishing for authors, reviewers. Manuscript publication time does not exceed three months from the date of submission and positive review. The review standards are described in the attached file (Review Standards) 

  1. Article elaboration

The text should include certain parts in accordance with the academic article requirements.

  1. Text preparation guidelinesPapers presented for publication should be written in the Word text editor (.doc or .docx) with application of the following rules:
  • paper format – A4,
  • margins (left, right, top, bottom) – 2 cm,
  • font – Times New Roman 12 pt,
  • spacing – 1.5,
  • the first line intent – 1 cm (no spacing between the lines),
  • text justified with hyphenation removed,
  • highlighted text – italics or bold type,
  • lists – „•” bullets,
  • tables – the title placed above, Times New Roman 11 pt, left aligned, numbered with Arabic numerals (Table 1.); text: Times New Roman 10 pt, justified (no colours or shadow); style: grid,
  • figures (photographs and graphs) – the title placed below, Times New Roman 11 pt, centered (Fig. 1), black-and-white,
  • tables and figures should be provided with the source – placed below, Times New Roman 10 pt, centered,
  • an empty line should be used to separate the elements.
  1. The Paper Layout / Permanent elements of an article:

The name(s) of the author(s) – left aligned

The affiliation(s) and address(es) of the author(s) – left aligned

The e-mail address(es) – left aligned

Introduction – justified

The body of the paper should be divided into sections – justified, sections titles numbered with Arabic numerals, bold type

Conclusion – justified

References – should only include works that are cited in the text, justified

Title in English – bold type, uppercase, centered

Summary in English – between 500 and 1000 characters including the spaces), justified

Key words in English – between 4 and 6 words

The manuscripts must conform to the specifications of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (sixth edition). Basic Information about the style can be found at: